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Welcome to the Forest Tree King

This tale starts on the Palace Steps in Hayesdown Academy School grounds.

Do you know where they are?

When you walk to that location the first chapter of the story will reveal.

Chapter one

The Gateway

As you step out the woodland procession approaches, and lifted highly upon firm branches, all knotted in a crazy splendid mess, sits the Forest Tree King, and all about is perfect. The sunshine of the day perches upon his shoulder and he looks lovingly down into the gathered crowd.

Ribbons and bunting are everywhere, gold, green, blue, white, yellow, fluttering like butterflies in the light summer breeze.

'Welcome my friends' he says to the gathering, his deep voice, warm and welcoming. 'Now who shall sit on my throne for the day? Who shall bring me the most perfect leaf, for that is what you must do for me and then I will grant the winner a seat upon my throne for the day.'
Chapter two


He then pauses for effect though the words are the same every year.
'But there is one simple rule, do you know it?' and all about the crowd chant 'Yes, yes we do.'
'Well then that is good, but lets help our new friends freshly joined' and he turns to you and says.

'The leaves must fall naturally to the ground, none must be picked from the trees themselves, and be careful where you collect them from, it must be clean and free from litter of any kind. Now are you ready?'

Are you? Then nod to the Forest Tree King.

All about the courtyard the frenzy is about to begin, there is a magic hush as the King lifts his arm in readiness. Everyone holds their breath waiting for the signal, then he opens his palm and out spill hundreds of rose petals, and off like a gun the crowd goes, to the left and right, people scurrying and snatching at the leaves on the ground, along the side and all about. When they have what they believe to be the best, then they head off across the grass at a mad pace.

Then the King of the Forest turns gently to you again and asks kindly. 'What are you waiting for, find one superb leaf each, make it different from each others, so no two should be alike if you can help it, then take them to the five judges in the field.'

'The winner will have the chance to sit upon my throne, it is always the prize going far back into history, further than books, and long beards, and perhaps even before shoes were invented, and that is a very long way back indeed!'

So your task is set, each take a moment to find a leaf, as perfect as can be and then when you are ready, come back to me and read on.

You all have a leaf?
Go to the top gate.
Chapter three

Harold the Hedgehog King

My name is Herald the hedgehog King. I am bright brown with spiky hair. I wear a king cape which sparkles like diamonds. I also wer a crown made ov GOLD with dimonde
and emimrolds as green as grass. I live in some green, large bushes next to the gate. I have a wife and babis but I cant carry them to their beds. I need a large soft leaf to carry my babies safely to their beds.
(words scribed by teacher for Filip-typing supported/assisted by adult)
Go to the stone circle.
Chapter four

Rat Attack Rat

My name is Rat Attack Rat. I cant walk properly, I am a grey creature. I like cheese and I like to play with my babies. And of corse I give them food. I like to sneak into peoples houses o find food. I have a furry tail, I have raspberry juice on my face and cheese around my lips. I like to sit on my throne my nose is grey as a rain cloud. I like going to the stone circle I also likes to see Herold the hedgehog. I am looking for a strong, long leaf that I can roll up and use as a telescope to look into people's houses.
Go to the train.
Chapter five

Miss Moth Fly-by-night

As you walk along you see lots of flower petals all around like wedding confetti, but then as you get closer you realise they are all moths and each one more delicate than the last.

They all seem to be circling around one truly gorgeous specimen, sitting on a brilliant nut shaped like a horn. This queen of moths speaks into the horn and out comes a feeble voice which is scratchy and rather difficult to understand.

You put your leaves down in a row, as you think that's what's required.

Everyone put their leaves down for Miss Fly-by-night to see.

She then flutters over the leaves and tastes each one in turn, then settles back on her speaking horn. In her tiny scratchy voice she then asks you to lift them up to the sky and see which is the most transparent. 'I want to be able to see the moon light shine through the leaf' she say's, 'that's the most beautiful thing in the whole world to see, and my winning leaf will be the thinnest and most transparent of them all, a little like my wings.'

Look through your leaves and see which is the thinnest, this is the winner of this round. Miss Fly-by-night then returns to her perch and says off you go then.
Go to the top of the field
Chapter six

Fluttery Butterfly

My name is Fluttery Butterfly. I have colourful wings, children too and a nice cering father. As well as a father and children, I have eggs in my warm stik nest. The next day I heard a sound and my eggs had cracked. I love to hunt for raspberries and cherries. I am as colful as a rainbow and colful as raindrops and as fragile as glass. I am looking for a leaf that is smooth, colorful and big enough for a family of butterfly's.
Go to the composting area.
Chapter seven

Max the Mouse

My name is Max the mouse. I have shiny pink ears as pink as strawberry milkshake. My eyes are like chocolate buttons and are brown like wood. My best food is chocolate and cheese, I like soft leeves because I like to be cumfy and warm. I live under a rock and I need a big leeve because it will keep me warm.
Go to the back of the Bridge Centre building.
Chapter eight

Soggy Seagull

I am Soggy the seagull. I am a white creature as white as a fluffy cottontail cloud. I fly around in the sky mostly at seasides and I likes to sit in the waves and splash myself with water. One day I got woried because a stranger came past and I screamed and swarked they scared me to death. I am soggy the seagull I have a very long beak that is magnificently long like a ladder to climb up to a tower .
I am looking for a leaf that is smooth, colourful and waterproof enough for me.
Go back to the palace steps.
Chapter nine

The Forest Tree King

The King waits eagerly, he has judged many leaves already, but lots of faces are a little glum as nobody has won yet today, but then you place your leaves on the ground and the Kings wise eyes light right up.

'Tell me,' he says, 'Which did Rat Attack rat choose?

And which did Soggy seagull choose?

And what about Max the mouse he likes cheese which did he choose?

And Herold the hedgehog king, he always chooses for spikes which did he like the best?

He talks so fast that you find your head gets dizzy, but you point as quickly as he asks.

'All these leaves are so beautiful,' he says 'but every competition needs a winner and the throne can only hold one person, so . . . ' and he pauses thinking for a moment.

'Is there one leaf which has been chosen more than the others?'

Who's leaf has been chosen the most times?

But the King shakes his head, 'We can't leave it like this, I have an idea, you can take it in turns on my throne.'

And an enormous raw of applause erupts from the crowd, hats are thrown into the air and music begins to start.

Then the Forest Tree King lifts you up high onto the throne of branches and all cheer at the first winner.
Chapter ten

The End

Did you enjoy the adventure?

How would you make it better?

Should there have been another judge creature? Stressy Slug, Lucky Rook, Wild Red Robin, Field Mouse, Patricia Pigeon?

If you were one of the judges what would be your criteria for the best one?

What would you change about the story?

Who's leaf should really have won?