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Little Red's Day

Beyond the purple mountains and lumpy Cley HIll. Past the woods where lions dance and monkeys eat cars, there is a small town called Frome.
Just out of town, there is a school called Hayesdown and our story begins at the school gate.....

Chapter one

The School Gate

Welcome to Hedgehogs' Story Walk. It is a linear walk which will take you right down to the town. It may make your day more interesting. As with all Traditional stories there is a point to this tale.

Just as Little Red was on a mission with a basket of food for Granny, we hope you will take up the challenge and deliver some food to Fair Frome the food bank.
Chapter two

Little Red's day

One gloomy, spring morning there was an annoying young girl called Little Red who was swinging on an old dusty wooden gate. She kept saying "Mum, Mum Mum" so eventually Mum gave her something to do. "Why don't you take a basket of groceries to your granny because she is very,very poorly. Walk down the path today because of the traffic.If you want to you can take an apple for the horse."
As Little Red set off on her journey Mum called out "Don't talk to strangers and watch out for the traffic on the road!"
Start at the school gate. Walk past the Nursery toward St John's road until you get to the big tree on the corner with the grass under it.
Chapter three

The Big Tree on Boundary Avenue

When she got to the big tree, she sat down and remembered the warnings that Mum had given her. Little did she know that there was already an unusual, hairy stranger, standing behind the tree watching her. On such a nice spring day, the clouds started opening showing the bright sky and she saw the blossom scrunching it's way out of tight little buds.She kept on walking making sure she kept on the pavement so she didn't get run over.
Turn left and walk down St John's road to the Tuck shop on the corner.
Chapter four

The Tuck Shop

Little Red was feeling a bit hungry by now, so finding three silver coins in her pocket she popped into the Tuck shop to get some crunchy caramel biscuits and sneakily bought apples for the horse and a strawberry, orange, jelly snake that would make your mouth water.
Turn right at the shop and walk along Rodden Road. Follow the numbers of the houses until you get to number 86
Chapter five

The Footpath entrance

She turned right and set off on her journey to rescue poor granny and look after her. As she walked along the road she found the blue footpath sign. It showed her the way to the footpath. "Oh that tree over there is rustling...I wonder who is hiding in it?"
Chapter six


Little Red skipped down the footpath whistling a tune. She was happy to be away from the road.
You will see a blue footpath sign on the left side of the road. Turn left onto the footpath and stop at the gates at the bottom of the path.
Chapter seven

Willow Bottom gate

The day spread out like a summer's day even though it was spring. She saw a red robin singing beautiful songs on a high branch in the middle of the tree. She saw a Springer spaniel springing into Spring and dripping dirty water like a dishwasher with an open door or a flood on a wet day.
Chapter eight

Turn right down the path and walk along, past the bottom of all the gardens.
Chapter nine

The path past the gardens

As she skipped and jumped through the woods, there was a wolf hiding behind a tree. "Tweet tweet tweet! I'm going to Granny's she sang." The bird replied with a happy whistle but he was not the only one listening.
Keep on walking along the path. The garden fences are on your right and the hedges are on your left. Watch out where you put your feet. Keep walking and whistle a merry tune.
Chapter ten

The sneaky wolf

The evil red eyed hungry wolf overheard Little Red and heard that she was going to Granny's so he quickly round to Granny's back door and sneaked in. He tied her up and threw her into a prickly, tickly flowerbed outside the window and got into Grandma's nice, warm, snuggly, flowery pyjamas and a pink, flowery shower cap. Poor granny was left shivering in the flowerbed in just her vest and knickers!
Chapter eleven

When you get to the place where the brambles once were are thick and more footpaths are coming down to join you, pause for a while and breathe the air.
Chapter twelve

Oh dear!

Worry rising about her granny Little Red..raced on along the path.
"Oh dear. Oh dear. Oh dear. Oh dear. Oh dear. Oh dear. Oh dear. Oh dear. Oh dear.
Oh dear. Oh dear. Oh dear. Oh dear. Oh dear. Oh dear. Oh dear. Oh dear. Oh dear
Oh dear. Oh dear. Oh dear. Oh dear. Oh dear. Oh dear. Oh dear. Oh dear. Oh dear. Oh dear. Oh dear. Oh dear. Oh dear. Oh dear. Oh dear. Oh dear. Oh dear. Oh dear. Oh dear........"
Will you choose to go up the steps and jump to the story's end or will you carry on to the bridge?
Chapter thirteen

Granny was not quite herself!

After an exhaustingly long day, Little Red arrived at Grandma's. She let herself in, put her cakes on the kitchen worktop and made a quick pot of yummy soup and for pudding she had brought some apple and cinnamon muffins with chocolate sauce on top. The bedroom was dark and gloomy with the curtains closed.
"What a big beard you have Granny." said little Red. "All the better to tickle you with." croaked the wolf.
"What gigantic eyes you have Granny.""All the better to see you with my dear. "rasped the wolf.

"What big Jaws you have Granny. " "All the better to eat you with my dear" snarled the wolf as he jumped out of bed with his claws spread wide.
" Not while I have my sellotape with me" replied Little Red with a giggle. And she wrapped his mouth up whirling like a tornado until he looked like a sellotaped monster.
Seriously with these claws he growls furiously. But quick as a flash she taped them to his head, and left him on the train tracks.
Chapter fourteen

Granny's new underwear.

Granny and Little Red lived happily ever after and never saw the big bad wolf ever again.
(But Granny did make some rather attractive Wolf skin knickers for particularly cold days!)
Walk along the path. Stop when you get to the railings and the bridge.
Chapter fifteen

Up the steps

As you climb the steps to finish our storywalk you can walk past the wild garlic and up past a hole in a tree. Someone said that Badgers live near here. I wonder who lives in the in the hole, maybe a rat or a badger. Badger homes are called setts.
Chapter sixteen

Full circle

Here at the end was where it all began.

Up at the top of the steps you can find a stone bench and a poem.
We first found the poem when we were coming back from the museum in September. It was a long time ago. It was before we met Mr Jelley. It was before we used the iPads.
I f you have enjoyed this story then take some food to Fair Frome. It is a food bank for other people who don't have much food. They come in to school and they don't have breakfast, or they might be a granny with no Red Riding Hood to help them.
Chapter seventeen

End and beginning

Turn back the way you came, climb over the stone stile on the left and walk up the steps to see the place it all began. who will be there? What will you see?