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Lots of FunDaMentals

This is a math puzzle using co-ordinates.

Go to the Palace steps.

A map will turn up, with co-ordinates as directions.

All you will have is a number and a letter for each location.

Can you solve it and find your way to the end?

Go to the Palace steps to reveal the map.
Chapter one

The Grid

Chapter two

Catch the bus by Ellisha and Kelsey

If there were twenty-seven children on the bus and they were partners in twos how many partners will there be.
Go to co-ordinate L - 17
Chapter three

Two times table by Kameron & Jack.

Jump around the tree on two feet.
Count in twos for every jump.
Spot as many birds as you can spot and mutliply by 2 to find how many wings altogether.
Go to co-ordinate E - 15
Chapter four

Jumping stones by Lily and Joseph

Jump on the stones counting in 3s.
Go to co-ordinate J - 9
Chapter five

Swinging Numbers by Will and Leo

swing on the ropes and count in tens or back word or double
Go to co-ordinate E - 4
Chapter six

High Five Clapping by Leo S and Isla

Clap your hands saying your 5s times tables.
Go to co-ordinate I - 13
Chapter seven

Field Elevens by Jonathan and Charlie

Run around the field counting in 11s.
Go to co-ordinate B - 9
Chapter eight

Peace garden twos

We are doing 2 in the peace garden and where doing it a round the bench.
Go to co-ordinate J - 6
Chapter nine

Fives training by Austin, Theo and Sergio

Skip 10 times and see how many times you can see a blackbird in and out of carajis.
Go to co-ordinate B - 7
Chapter ten

You Win

Chapter eleven

Leafy threes by Jayden and Logan

Collect as many leaves as you can find.

Make an array.

Count in threes with leaves.
Chapter twelve

Bonus chhallenges by Ava and Jessica

Kick a ball round a pole and every
Chapter thirteen

Farleigh and Maisey- Railing twos

run around the palic railas counting in twos
The End