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Safari - Big Red

Step into your children's shoes and see the world through their eyes.

Welcome to Hedgehog's super special storywalk safari adventure spectacular. To start the story (trigger the walk) travel to the apparatus for your journey to unfold.

Keep your ambassadors close!

Chapter one


When you get to the apiratious you will see a secret door that leads to a special, secret jungle. It is a magic jungle made of rubbish, tin and plastic. The key to this adventure is finding wild animals and exploring their secret moves. will you learn the moves of the animals or will you miss the action?
Starting at the apparatus walk up the path past the bridge centre to the middle tree.
Chapter two


In an extra large, green tree you will see a snake. I am that snake and my name is Mr Snake. I have a black and purple, striped, skinned body. I also have a long red tongue. I have a rattly bottom to keep people away .Water is the only thing I drink and I go to the lake to find it. When I move I slither from side to side.
Walk back down the path onto the playground and walk to the train made out of pale wood near the bottom gate.
Chapter three

Mike the turtl

I am a forist creature and I am very special. I live in a hedge, a worm hedge near a pond with fish and a warterfole. My name is Mike the turtle. I am made of card bord and I Live in the forist. I luv to swim slowly in the pond and swim around in circles. If you jump into the pond I will teach you how to swim in circles and have lots of fun.
Walk diagonally left to the front of the Bandstand.
Chapter four

Ben the Bug

When you step into the forest you will see a huge cave opining its mouth forcing you
to come in. In that cave you will see a lot of bugs. This is where I live, I am Ben the bug. I have small spiky pinsers to keep my prey away. I live in the cave. I have a hard pattened shell to keep me safe. I am a black and red bug . My friends are Theo and Josh.D. Now time for some movement. First use your fingers to crawl like me and crawl to the next location.
Follow the path across the grass to the pond.
Chapter five

Zaza zebre

My name is Zaza and I eat tall long grass. I have fabulous frends. One is called Zoe and she lives down in the grassland at the edge of the jungle.I live in a deep and dark cave. I have black and white stripes, they are as black as the night and as white as snow. I will teach you a posh move, it wil be a disco move because I like to dance.
Walk back down to the tyres dinosaur in front of the Peace Garden
Chapter six

zoe zebra

If you go down to the grassland you will see me I'm Zoe zebra. I like skipping down the grassland . I like to eat the smooth, green grass. I move very fast because I have very fast hoofs. My lips are as red as roses, my eyes are as white as snow and I can see in the dark. My tail is so long it follows me down the grassland. My back is so stripey with my black and white stripes. Can you skip like me to the next location ?
Take the path to the right to the two tallest poles of the apparatus.
Chapter seven

Back at the Ranch

Now that you have experienced all of the animals and learned their moves, we have an ultimatum for you…
If you go back through the portal you will leave all of your new found friends behind. Will you stay or will you go back to the jungle?
Duhn Dun Derr!!