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Safari - Camo

Step into your children's shoes and see the world through their eyes.

Welcome to Hedgehog's super special storywalk safari adventure spectacular. To start the story (trigger the walk) travel to the apparatus for your journey to unfold.

Keep your ambassadors close!
Chapter one


To start at the beginning you need to tiptoe the the very top edge of the playground. In between the apparatus is a magic door that leads you to the imaginary place you want to go most of all. You need to take your special eyes, your supersonic magic ears, an explorer nose for sniffing out amazing animals. Will you spot the movement in the trees? Will you be scared or frightened or bold and brave? Will you learn the amazing movement of the Cool Camo Creatures.
Face the field, turn left and walk towards the stone circle.
Chapter two

Jake the Giraffe

If you are creeping into the leafy edge of the jungle where grass as tall as children is growing you might see a tall giraffe with a long neck, big enormous eyes to see in the dark. My name is Jake The Giraffe. I like munching branches and eating light leaves from a big tall tree. I can teach you how to get the jucieist leaves from the highest trees.
(Told to adult scribe)
Start at the stone circle. Turn to face the flag. Walk to the bin by the top gate.
Chapter three

Lizzy the tree frog

My name is Lizzy the tree frog. I have a big smiley mouth. I like to jump through the trees and I like to sit on a lily pad. I am green as green as a leef. My eyes are blue as blue as the sky. I live in the tree by the pond. Bend your legs and see if you can jump like me.
Go to the wooden 8 sided house by the palace.
Chapter four

Giant Bunny

I am a giant bunny that lives in the middle of the giant tropical forest. You will find me in a deep dark cave surrounded with spiders all around in it. I like to play outside. I thump and stomp and play. See if you can walk like me . THUMP . STOMP.
Go straight up the field to the trees by the bird house.
Chapter five

Tom the Giraffe

My name is Tom the Giraffe. I live in a bright cave but I have no food. I am scared of the spider and I eat long, green leafs. You will see me because I have a long neck and I am yellow with brown spots. I like to walk slowly through the forest and drink water from the lake. Can you walk slowly like me to the next location?
Walk across the field to the top gate then walk halfway down the path and go to the picnic table.
Chapter six

Max the Monkey

I am a monkey and I Iike to hunt for bananas and play with my frends. I liv in a big tree with my family. I like to eat bananas. My favourite thing is to swing on the brown branches. My name is Max. I swing from tree to tree. I am as brown as a chocolate button. See if you can find me because I like to hide in the tallest trees. See if you can move like me and swing your arms and legs from tree to tree.
Walk back to the apparatus where there are 4 blue strings.
Chapter seven

Back at the Ranch

Now that you have experienced all of the animals and learned their moves, we have an ultimatum for you…
If you go back through the portal you will leave all of your new found friends behind. Will you stay or will you go back to the jungle?
Duhn Dun Derr!!