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Safari - Pink

Step into your children's shoes and see the world through their eyes.

Welcome to Hedgehog's super special storywalk safari adventure spectacular. To start the story (trigger the walk) travel to the apparatus for your journey to unfold.

Keep your ambassadors close!

Go out of the classroom and walk to the apparatus at the top of the playground.
Chapter one

Pink Safari

In the playground at Hayesdown School, past a basket ball hoop, just by the apparatus, there is a little hole which you put your finger through and you will appear in a forest. It is not an ordinary forest, it started as forest made of rubbish, a forest made of tin. Birds dropped seeds onto the ground and the seeds made roots and grew into ginormous tropical trees with exotic birds who sing for the explorers who listen. Step, slither, slide or quiver: How will you move through the deep dark magical forest? You must look carefully for the animals and copy their moves. Will you learn the jungle dance? Keep your head low and off you go.
Turn to face the top gate on our school field and walk to it.
Chapter two

Brian the lion

I am Brian the Lion. I live in the deep jungle. I can see exotic flowers. They are colourful like a rainbow. When I'm creeping across to kill some pigs to eat, I am so quiet that nobody can hear or see me. When I am cross I can ROAR like a Monster truck RRRAAAAARRRRR. I have a friend called Juana, she has a husband and a baby. They live near my jungle tree house. You might not be hearing me because I am made of a cardboard, toilet roll with paper on. Watch out though you need to look out for me or I might EAT YOU UP for dinner.
(This has been typed in by an adult but the words are all his own. )
Turn left and face the pond area. Walk to the pond.
Chapter three

Drummy Giraffe

I am Drummy the giraffe. I live in a grassland with shrubs and trees. I have got brown spots like milk chocolate buttons and a big long neck to reach leaves. I have purple eyes and nostrels. I can smell smelly smells in the air. I can teach you how to get leaves from the highest trees. My favourite food is leaves. My purple eyes are good for camouflage in the dark. See if you can camouflage your self, if you can you will be an expert hide and seeker and if you win 600 compititons of hide and seek you will win the jackpot of money. I am also as gold as the Suns golden rays in the air.
Turn towards the Peace Garden and walk forwards until you are near the fence, then around and into the peace garden.
Chapter four


My name is Katie. I live in a arch made of brown twigs .There are some pink exsotik flowers and I liv niere Drumy the Drarf. I am a big, fun toowcun with long, colourful wings. See if you can do the same moovs as me , flutter flutter.
Turn towards the Bandstand. It is a big, round, wooden structure Walk to it, then walk diagonally across the playground to the train, which is made of wood.
Chapter five

Lizzy the turtle

My name is Lizzy the turtle. I have got a shiny shell because the light shines on it. I live in the long, green grass which is as green as emeralds. I like to swim in the huge, blue lake. Copy me and swim around in a circle to find the next secret place.
Half turn to your left and walk straight ahead towards the largest stone in the middle of the Stone Circle.
Chapter six

Weby spider

I am Weby the spider I live in a rainforest. You will see a cave and if you look carefully on a web you would see me. I won't hurt anybody except flies. I live in a cave with my fruit fly. I move as slow as a snail. I only run fast when people are chasing me. when I was in my web I saw a toucan called Katie I stopped making my web and played with her. See if you can move slow like a snail.

Half turn to your right and walk across the field, towards the apparatus.
Chapter seven

Back at the Ranch

Now that you have experienced all of the animals and learned their moves, we have an ultimatum for you…
If you go back through the portal you will leave all of your new found friends behind. Will you stay or will you go back to the jungle?
Duhn Dun Derr!!