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Safari - Scarlet

Step into your children's shoes and see the world through their eyes.

Welcome to Hedgehog's super special storywalk safari adventure spectacular. To start the story (trigger the walk) travel to the apparatus for your journey to unfold.

Keep your ambassadors close!
Chapter one


At the edge of the playground, in the middle of the apparatus between two thick, tall, wooden poles there is a secret doorway that takes you to a magical jungle. It is not an ordinary jungle, it is a jungle made of rubbish. It is a jungle made of tin and plastic. It is a jungle made of all the things that nobody wanted. If you listen carefully you can hear animals creeping amongst the forest trees, lakes, swamps and secret places that nobody knows about.
If you want to be a proper explorer you must learn the secret ways that animals move in the jungle. Who will you see first? Will your moves be the secret steps of the jungle explorer, or will you miss the action?
Starting at the apparatus, turn to look at the wooden train. Walk towards it in a straight line until it triggers the story.
Chapter two

Safari Frog

If you walk down to the big, blue lake you will see a small, green frog with black spots. I also have a long tongue so I can catch bugs to eat. My name is Jumpy the frog and I live in the big lake. I love to jump from leaf to leaf because it is so much fun. I also like to swim around the rocks in the water. Would you like to jump with me?
Start at the train and walk towards the small shed by the Palace. Follow the path up the field until it splits. Take the right fork and walk to the second big stone. Walk into the middle of the stone circle.
Chapter three

Popon the Lizerd

I am Popon, a lizerd hoo dansis in his pyjams. My friend is a monkey hoo likes to gith me a leaf. A butrfly drops a red bery and I like to eat it. I have a long, lime-green tail and I have bright, shine, black eyes. I like to clim trees and I like to eat Josey apalls. Do you want to have a ras to the next tree?
Look across the field. Walk straight ahead past the football nets on your right towards a big tree. When you get to the path turn 1/4 turn to your left. Take 8 large steps towards the gate and stop.
Chapter four

Tortes the tortoise

In the dry land you wil see loads of rocks but one of them is not a rock the tenth one is me. I am Tortes the tortoise. I have a tough shell to hide in. My shell has lots of colours on it, it is red, purple, light green, black, orange and light blue. I live near a fence in between a circle of rocks. I walk very slowly with my slow, heavy feet. Why don't you try and walk like me to the next stop?
Turn to face the pond. It has a round sign. Walk towards the sign until you see a gap in the fence. Stop on the stone tiles in the gap.
Chapter five

Chapter six

Tap the tutow

If you walk to the biggest lake in the forest you will see me and my friends. I am Tap The Turtle. I like swimming in the warm, see through lake and I like eating crunchy, green seaweed. I like looking up above the lake to see all the animals drinking the water. Paddling like dogs I swim around in the water, playing with my friends, a small turtle and a really big turtle. Would you like to come and paddle with me to the next location?
Walk diagonally across the field towards the back of the bridge centre.
Chapter seven

Michael monkey

My name is Michael monkey I live in the long tall trees and I eat bananas. I eat and drink all day and night long. I have long, stretchy arms and long, stretchy legs to swing on the branches. I have brown fur it is very soft and keeps me warm. I love to swing in the trees. Can you pretend to swing through some trees like me to the next location on the story map?
Follow the path to the top gate.
Chapter eight

Ellie the elphant

My name is Ellie the elephant. I live nere a deep hot lake. I have four strong stubby legs for running. I have a long trunk so I can spray a fowntin of water over me. I have big flappy ears to fan me when I get as hot as a desert. If you want to see me you will have to look by a deep, hot lake. When I run I make the ground shake. Can you run like me and make the ground shake?
Look towards the apparatus. Walk diagonally across the field past the football goals and stop at the apparatus.
Chapter nine

Back at the Ranch

Now that you have experienced all of the animals and learned their moves, we have an ultimatum for you…
If you go back through the portal you will leave all of your new found friends behind. Will you stay or will you go back to the jungle?
Duhn Dun Derr!!