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Safari - Skye

Step into your children's shoes and see the world through their eyes.

Welcome to Hedgehog's super special storywalk safari adventure spectacular. To start the story (trigger the walk) travel to the apparatus for your journey to unfold.

Keep your ambassadors close!
Chapter one


You never know what the weather will be like at Hayesdown School. Sometimes it 's rainy, sometimes it's sunny and sometime you might even see a thunderbolt. But have you ever seen the gate that takes you to the middle of a magical jungle world junk forest. If you carefully creep to the gap and cross the bridge on the apparatus you will find the secret hidden key to open the gate.
Turn to look at the train. Walk diagonally to the train.
Chapter two

Lily and Theo

"In the middle of the jungle in Africa, you must look in a cave, The cave is dark and it's got lots of rocks in it. It is scary and if you look inside you will find two monkeys playing catch . The monkeys have brown fur and happy faces. One is Lily and the other one is Theo. They move with their knees up high and they play catch with heavy stones [which makes their hands down low]. "

Can you copy them on your way to the next location?

Scribed for Jay by an adult
Turn around. Follow the pathway around the Bridge Centre. Walk to the first tree.
Chapter three

Harley the snake

A snake can curl round a tree trunk. It lives in a jungle and it has a long flickering tongue to taste the air for food . My name is Harley the Snake. I like to eat apples. I slither in and out of branches hissing a special song. Your objective is to snake your slithery way through the next directions.
Look up the field, e next place is in the hedge line at the top of the field.
Chapter four

Storm the Snake

You will see a glass mango tree with a snake on it on the 3rd branch that snake is me I am called Storm. I am freindly and I have two blue eyes, and a very long tounge. I am slithering with my friend Harly. We have a lot of fun together. My favirote food is leaves I love green ones. You have to go to Africa to find me. I protect the other snake's. Can you slither like me to the next location?
Face the school, now head over to your right and go to the stone circle.
Chapter five

Charley the lion

You will see me in the forest. My name is Charley the lion. I am a frendly lion, and every time I show explorers throo the forest there is one place I can be found. It is in a cave, the deepest, darkest cave in the forest. I have razor sharp teeth and claws and I am the king of the jungle.I have soft beautiful fur. I like hiding in the bushes so I can protect the jungle from predators. Would you like to hide with me, then follow me to the next secret hideaway?
Face the school and then walk Towards it and over to the right. Your next stop is on the tyre snake.
Chapter six

Tornado Tail the girafe

I am a spotty girafe called Torndado Tail. I live in the trees because green leaves are my favirote type of leaves and I like them. You need to go to Africa to find me. I have a long neck so I can get mountins of leaves and I aways have a beautiful smile. I am beautiful, I just can't be more beautiful. I have a friend called Kaycee and a firend called Dylan. I think I am the best dad! I walk quite slowly, can you walk like me to the next location?
Go back to the aparatus where our journey began.
Chapter seven

Back at the Ranch

Now that you have experienced all of the animals and learned their moves, we have an ultimatum for you…
If you go back through the portal you will leave all of your new found friends behind. Will you stay or will you go back to the jungle?
Duhn Dun Derr!!